The Story

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The never-ending story. New plotlines. New love interests. New hardships. It’s all in my head and I could never write it down. I don’t think I have the guts. The story is fanfiction, but based off of real-life people — or should I say they say they are real-life people. The actions celebrities take in that turbulent, twisted, alluring world that is the Hollywood business almost makes them seem like another brand of humans. Anything and everything anyone could have thought would never happen has probably happened in Hollywood. We just don’t know about it.

The fact that we don’t know really much of anything about the stars-and-glitz machine celebrities are processed through is what fascinates me. I have invented a never-ending story based on one celebrity. I have created characters that this said celebrity is best friends with. I have created complex relationships and have drawn inspiration from actual events in that celebrities life.  I am not obsessed with this celebrity. I am merely a fan. Somehow, they sparked my creativity through. Their persona is what I would envision to be the persona of a character I would write for a novel. I find enjoyment in filling in the blanks that represent who that person really is behind the persona.  What goes on in my head is similar to the roleplaying blogs scattered across the internet except on a grander and more realistic scale.

That’s why I enjoy looking at sites like Blind Gossip Exposed, CDAN, and PRsten.  They have the guts to do what I want to do. They tell an alternative story of a celebrity’s real life instead of the mainstream fodder (except their stories have a significantly larger chance of being true as opposed to mine).


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