They Occupied Wallstreet . . . Well, They Tried To

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I’m going to make this cut-‘n’-dry. The Occupy Wall Street movement failed for two reasons:

  1. Every participant in the movement was the spokesperson for the movement.
  2. There were protesting Wall Street.

A movement cannot have everyone be the voice of it . That causes the movement to become a disjointed jumble of messages and causes. By letting radical people have the same voice as the moderate majority of people, the message most of the people want to get across is deluded or changed. In the Occupy Movement’s case, many outsiders of the movement began to believe that the movement’s purpose was create a communist-like America because of the radicals making their voice loud and clear. Of course that turned the American public outside of the movement off because if there is one word we Americans are born and bred to hate the most in the world, it is communism. As we all know, the media played a significant part in making the Occupy movement seem like a communist revolution ran by hippies to the general American public.

Communism was not the message of the majority of people in Occupy Wall Street though. Most people in the Occupy Movement wanted their pain to be heard. They wanted the government to step up and regulate the control Wall Street had on their lives, not a communist society. Nonetheless, their voices were drowned out . . .

Although allowing radicals to have an equal voice as the moderate majority of the movement was a mistake, where the participants were protesting was an even bigger mistake. Occupy Wall Street? No, Wall Street is the wrong place to hold one’s pickets signs and march around at. I know that may come as a shock to some people, but let those people ask themselves these questions:

  1. Who has the power to regulate Wall Street?
  2. Who is allowing Wall Street to infiltrate our government?
  3. Who accepts the money of Wall Street?

If those people read those three questions, hopefully they came up with the answer of “Congress and the White House.” It is quite possible all of Wall Street’s power could be stripped away from them. Who could be the one to take away Wall Street’s power? The government. Not the average folk, but the government because that is who gives them the power they have now. If Obama, G. W. Bush, Clinton, and on back beginning with Reagan stopped giving positions of power to people who obviously have significant ties to Wall Street, doesn’t one think something would change? If congressional figures and members of the executive branch refused to take money from Wall Street, doesn’t one think something would change? If the government got the guts to stand up to Wall Street like the Occupy Movement tried to, doesn’t one think something would change? I would go as far to say that something definitely would change.

Wall Street is not nor will they ever stop trying to snake their way into the government. The government’s job is to turn a blind-eye. So why didn’t the Occupy protesters go after the American government? Why didn’t they march all over Washington, D.C.? Why didn’t they set up tents outside the gates of the White House or across the street from the White House? The government is the one who gives Wall Street their power, not Wall Street. Wall Street isn’t even involved with all of America’s financial problems, but the government is.

I wish that the Occupy Wall Street movement would have been more organized and more focused on the government, not Wall Street. The movement may still be active now if they had tried those methods. I also may not be looking at a future where I have to pay an average of $22, 092 a year (which I cannot afford except through student loans and scholarships) to go to a decent American college.


2 thoughts on “They Occupied Wallstreet . . . Well, They Tried To

    Progressive Action NH said:
    September 25, 2012 at 2:25 am

    As someone who participated in Occupy I can tell you from the perspective of many that the move to Occupy Wall Street had everything to do with garnering attention around who is robbing us and who is fixing the books. Yes, the government has enabled this to take place, but we as Americans need to cut at the root of the problem; corporate infiltration of government and the people’s ignorance of this.

    The movement was to highlight the extreme disparity of wealth in our country and thus the very apt slogan “We are the 99%” and the Wall Street dealers and bankers that Americans love to worship so much are the 1% that are robbing us blind and corrupting our government.

    Without focusing on the strength and degree of wealth in this country and the possessors of that wealth we will never get to the heart of understanding how their wealth has essentially bought Congress and the White House and in many aspects, entire global economic policy.

    Occupy also has focused and those who participated or continue to participate in Occupy focus on government. One of the central weaknesses of Occupy was the inability to separate out messaging in the fear that it would alienate many, as many fail to understand the extent of corruption of all levels of government — and why.

    It is important also to understand that Occupy was not supporting communism and such a statement really has no validity for those who worked within the movement. The discussion of wealth distribution is a real one and one that has to happen. Lassiez-faire and fascist style corporate capitalism is not working. The people need to understand that clearly.

    To assume that any options to the existing American corporate-capitalist system is “talk of communism” is just a serious failure to understand the issues of economics. I’d strongly encourage you to study further on alternatives to the existing anarcho/fascist capitalism that we have in America today that is ruining our country, crushing our people and turning us quickly into a third world country.

      wherethemindroams said:
      September 25, 2012 at 3:38 am

      I do not nor have I ever believed that the Occupy Movement as a whole supported communism. I do know that there were Communists who tried to infiltrate the movement and they garnered media attention. Anyone I ask who did not follow the Occupy movement or was in it but has heard about asks me the question “Weren’t they trying to make the country communist or something?” That’s what I was referring to. I was referring to how many outsiders of the movement saw it as that way. Even some of those who were well-versed (though never a participant) in the Occupy Movement saw it as that way.

      On the point of how Wall Street really holds the power, well, it’s true in the sense they are pedaling in the money to sway the government. However, it is up to the government to ignore their come-ons and put up regulations so Wall Street’s power is further reduced. That’s what happened in the 1930s. After Wall Street had a period of no regulations and doing whatever they wanted to whoever they wanted, the government put a lockdown on them. Their power was significantly decreased to the point they were average people with somewhat average jobs. In order for Wall Street’s power to be taken away, we have to tell the government to take it away. Wall Street has never stopped trying to buy off the government since the thought came into their heads in the 1900s. No amount of protesting will stop their efforts. The government is who needs to be changed now. They need to be reminded of how much stabler our economy was under the FDR regulations of corporations and business. They need to be reminded that looking at the bleak facts provided by unbiased opinions is the right way to operate. The reason there is corporate infiltration is because the government allows corporate infiltration. The government allowed deregulation and for Wall Street to becomes so involved in our lives, it is this close to laissez faire of the pre-1930s times. As I said in my post, who stopped laissez faire? The government. Who is the only institution who can stop it? The government? Why? Because the signed the documents and bills to allow it, and they can say the documents and bills to disallow it.

      There is a way to talk about the corruption of the government in a clear way. (This is just a scenario I invented in my head, but I know many of the same people who thought the OWS Movement was a bunch of communists would better understand the real cause of the movement this way):

      The OWS Movement could have sent a message to media outlets and posted online the same message online. When writing the message, the OWS movement has to think about how short of an attention span many Americans have. When there is so much wariness surrounding a movement, the movements stated message has to be clear cut and then possibly lead into the sweeping language of a typical statement. The general cause (the rapidly growing wealth disparity) of the movement would be stated at the top of the message and then bullet points of what contributes to the cause (student debts, no jobs, etc.), Americans would look at each bullet point and nod or shake their head. Then the message go on to state what caused all of these problems in another set of bullet points. (I’m making my own people sound like idiots, but geeze, it really does seem like the best way send a message to them.)

      On the point of the Occupy Movement actually having an involvement with the government, I never said they did not have any involvement with the government. I feel they should have had a lot more I still feel Washington, D.C. is where the main focus should have been. As I said earlier in my comment, the government allowed Wall Street all this power. Wall Street did not burst into their offices and threaten to kill all their kids if they refused to give them power. Wall Street politely walked through the door, offered them money for their campaign or whatever else, and the rest is history. The people of the government did not (and do not) show enough integrity to not take what basically are bribes. If the American people show them that we know how backhanded they are and are no longer going to sit here an watch them ruin our lives, they’d be frightened.

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