Inside the Famous Intramuros – Manila

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Lakbay Xiomai

My September Lakbay started with an inside jobin Intramuros, Manila. 😛 So before the month ends, I think it’s best for me to share some of the shots I took inside this so-called “walled city”.

At the Baluarte De Dilao
From what I’ve overheard from a tourist guide, the adobe stones used to build the “Baluarte De Dilao” were from Mexico. If I was just shameless, I would follow this tourist guide and his clients so I could have a free formal and informed tour around Intramuros. Well, perhaps I was cause I actually did follow them — discreetly though — but I guess they noticed me so while I was taking a few shots of the watch tower, they were gone the moment I turned back to where they were. 😀

It is said that this fortress was built as a defense against the Chinese living outside…

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