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Since you all seem to like my writing, here is another site full of it. Much, but not all of  the material on this site is on  my deviantART page. The biggest between my FictionPress page and my deviantART page  is that non-users of the FictionPress can view my “mature” material.  (My “mature” material does not include sex, but violence that is necessary to the plotline of the story.)

Now,  I will take y’all on a journey of my most important short story pieces I still have in my possession: from the earliest written one to the latest. The type of the stories range from politically inspired to a sci-fi. A link, short summary, and background info is provide for each story.

Note: While glancing over all of these stories, I have noticed some errors and flaws in my writing that I wouldn’t do now. I’ve decided not to edit the flaws (for now) and one day update this post with a new “important” short story that shows my growth as writer.

1.  Superheroes: Some are Just Super at Failing (2007) The story of possibly the worst superheroes ever. Short and sweet.

  • I wrote this short piece of prose back in middle school. I thought it was absolutely hilarious. Reading the story over again, there are grammatical errors, awkward diction, and uncomfortable dialogue. However, it still is a nice little story.

2.   The Puppet Master (2009) What if the government choose to get rid of the “useless” to help the economy? What would you do? This is the story of what Alicia did.

  • I have such an incredible amount of fondness for this story, it’s insane. I knew I wanted to be a writer when I finished this. The long hours I dedicated to making this story my 8th grade version of perfection is the norm now, but back then the feeling was new. The feeling was exciting then as it is exciting now. What was even more exciting was the praise I received from my monotone, not-easily-impressed teacher. That type of rush is something I never will tire of.  I was also quite proud of myself for creating an exaggeration of the beliefs certain people in the American public had about Obamacare.

3.  They Live to See Us Die (2010) The underdog gladiator Adrastus, fights the battle of his life against the legendary gladiator Eolus! Will Adrastus perish in his battle or will he become the new hero of Rome?

  • A story I wrote from a literary club I was in. This is the first time I recall ever going into very vivid detail about a scene.

4.  Royal Purple (April 2012) What would happen if a man had a life altering surgery that allowed him to physically be anyone he wanted to be? What would happen if he met the daughter of the man who performed the surgery?

  • I wrote this story just for the heck of it. My first sci-fi piece.

5.  The One Place (May 2012) This is the story of Jack Hanson, a church deacon’s son in 2020. In the U.S Bible Belt, the world has shifted to what seems like the time of Spanish Inquisition. Only differences are that the Church has far deadlier weapons & the “trials” are far shorter.

  • Another story I am fond of. When I was writing this story, radical Christians were really cutting a fool. They gave a very bad name to the religion. As I did with “The Puppet Master,” I upped the ante in this story. What if these “Christians”  formed militias to put an end to those who go against what they say is right? This is the longest story on the list and possibly the most intense. This story also took me the longest to write. It went through many changes over a period of a couple of months.

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