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May I close your eyes,
Slip my hands in and on the crypts and levers
Of your mind?
May I see how your gears turn the workings
Of your inner-eye?
Rose petals bestrewn across the path of my quaking soul,
Each typical step sinks into another imagined territory,
But you’ve found a new groove of sanguine disposition.
Call it the wonder of a heart finding a strange new freedom —
A freedom unconstrained but still haunted by hesitance.
May I ask you this?
Do you love me like this?
Am I romantic as I stand here shaking,
Loving, and in blissful need of paving?
We’ve known each other for not too long,
But a fervor has set in like marrow in the bones.
Do we love or do we crave
For what we may never have?
No matter how it may be,
I’ll strap up the hope so it won’t ever leave.
I’ll take you for as much as you allow,
But not without my fears riddling the effort.
I’ll try my upmost,
But not without times of failure
All I need to be assured although we can’t tell
Where the future may stand, will you
Wait until the legs of time pedal in our favor?
Until the marinetime sun rises on my back
Along with the scent of love wading in the air?

So don’t leave me, my friend,
For I won’t leave you, my love.
If you tire of me,
Then go find the thrill you should have.
The thrill you deserve.
Until then, may I be
The one to play the songs
Of your mind’s, body’s, and soul’s symphony?


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