A Different Kind of Affair

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They never knew the implication of their meeting
Perhaps her mistress never knew what waved before them.
Perhaps the bride never cared to tell her.

They fell in love in a flippant November.
The fall never getting quite cold enough
And the deciduous forests never giving away enough beauty.
Emotions creep and surprise
When the weather questions its own state of being,
So when that day arrived
The bride felt her heart shriek in astoundment.

That day,
The bride awoke to find the taste of love
Lingering, soaking her tongue.
She then realized that she was, in fact, an adulteress.
Her spouse, genderless and suffocating, already knew.
A beam of sunlight in their gray sky?
How could It be?
Who took a piece of Its bride’s heart
From the grip of Its limp hands?
Who lightened the burden It placed on her heart?
It whimpered, knowing some breath from someone
Was being kissed into bride’s body
To ease the damage of the years long marriage.

But still, It lingered around
Much to the indifference to the bride.

Other worries scratched at her mind.
What if her epiphany would be lost upon–
Or worse, rejected by —
Her mistress?
Silence, silence she felt was her only answer

But while the bride felt these passionate thoughts
Painfully thudding against the walls of her head,
Her mistress tasted love on her tongue too.
She didn’t believe what she tasted was real,
So she also kept her yearning secret.

A silence so desiring to become a clamor
Can be kept quiet only for so long.

The bride eventually gathered enough bravado
To blurt what’s been screaming in her head for months.
Her and her mistress smiled with jubilance,
Feeling a heavy tension roll off their shoulders
And settle between then as thick sensual heat.

So now here lay the bride and her mistress,
Elated that meaning came of something
They thought would be friendly nothing.
Both are madly in love and one incapable of moving
If the sleeping mistress never moves her leg . . .


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