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If you all are wondering what happened with my poetry submission, I submitted my poem “Layered” to 2River poetry magazine. They feature excellent poetry in their magazine and I hope I’m up to par with their standards. It would be an honor. I’ll here back from them in a few months, if I recall the waiting period correctly, 3 months to be exact. I’m also considering submitting my poem “Mystic Fragility” to a poetry magazine, which is why I took the poem down.

In other news, the next poem I’m posting — entitled “Kepper’s Tale” — is quite weird, rambling, and kinda risque. That’s the way it was meant to be. I’m just giving you all a warning. The poem’s narrator is a pothead relaying to his or her friend the story of an “awesome” and vivid dream he had after smoking some intense marijuana. I have never smoked marijuana, but the person who I wrote the original version of the poem did so frequently so she provided much of the insight as to what can happen when someone gets a hold of some powerful Mary Jane. The version I’m posting here tomorrow is bettered, but just as rambling with dashes of creative intelligence and paranoid as ever.


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