Explantion of “Keep Digging”

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“Keep Digging” is an metaphor for growing up. The situation the diggers face of constantly digging and searching without a clear idea of what they’re searching for relates to how when we are young, we have the certain concepts (success, growing up, etc.) set before us. Our goal is to find each these concepts although we aren’t really sure what they actually look like. We are told how to reach these concepts and we just follow that advice. Soon the advice becomes a way of life, and we often end up ignoring any advice to ease the search because we are so focused on the search.

And now that I think about it, the “we” I am referring to seems to fit closer to “me” and others who strive for perfection and the accomplishment of the more hefty goals in life as soon as possible.

Has this explanation cleared anything up or brought up more questions (I kinda hope the later)? Let me know in the comments.


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