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Tonight on AC360: The extraordinary cost of getting sick in America

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PREACH. The strain of the American healthcare system is felt even more when you are poor. It’s difficult to find decent care much less being able to afford it. It’s a shame. My grandma is dealing with this shit healthcare system right now and it breaks my heart. Why should it be such a struggle to become healthy when you are poor? How can people so coldly reject people and give them disgusting living spaces just because they can’t afford non-government insurance. So sad, so sad.

Anderson Cooper 360

Health Care in America

When you see a hospital bill for close to half a million dollars right there in front of you, it makes you realize the extraordinary cost of getting sick in America, especially if you are underinsured or, of course, have no insurance at all.

It’s not headline news that health care is wildly expensive but taking a detailed look at what many hospitals actually charge for even the smallest items is truly eye-opening.

Our segment tonight on AC360 is the first of a planned two part series we produced in conjunction with a special edition of Time Magazine, called “Bitter Pill.” Correspondent Drew Griffin and I worked with Time Contributor Steven Brill to track down patients like Bob Weinkauf from this Dallas suburb whose bill from two hospitals while recovering from a horrific lung disease was $474,000.

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Who Won?

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A perspective on who won the political debate Wednesday, October 3. Answer: Not the American people. Inspires me to right another politically charged short story, but I’ll save that for a later time.