How long has it been?

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Don’t ask.

Don’t know.

You’ll be seeing more from me soon though.



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I’ve finished this precious little story of mine after weeks of procrastinating. I’m excited for you all to read it. I have several things in the work right now and life is in general being a thrilling rush of positivity. Can’t wait to share it with you all in my own kinda twisted way.

Writing Updates

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So, what am I legit working on? Well, let me tell you all:

  • A short horror story. It’s going to be really fucked up, just a warning.
  • A few essays. Possibly.
  • A poem about . . . well, once you read it you’ll figure out what’s it about.

I am a new me. Out of love, comfortable in discomfort (to an extent at least), and excited to soon have the chance to shape my life into whatever I want it to be. You’ll be seeing more work from me soon hopefully. I appreciate the love you all give me every time I post a piece of well-written work. Leave comments! Start discussions based off a work of mine! I would like to interact more with you all. 🙂

Publishing Status

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Just in case any of y’all wanted to know, my second venture into the publishing world was a failure. Next time? I suppose. I should have kept the word “fuck” in the poem. I’ll be re-posting it soon when I can find the original copy.

The Past 90 Days?

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I have ran into a writer’s drought the vastness of the Gobi Desert.

I grew into the shoes of an adult and threw them out because, hey, She’s back.

I stumbled and fell on stones in my flee from my Dark Comfort.

I watched someone walk out of my life, and I still want to know the essential question:

“Do you ever think of me anymore?”

I gained a close comrade or two and learned how the world AK-47ed their hearts.

I celebrated as higher learning opened its expensive arms and accepted me into its machine.

I found a potential, but I’m not sure how long she’ll stand me.


By goodness,

Where has the time gone?

Next Phase

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Well, my stock of poetry has dwindled. So what’s next? Essays and short-stories I’ve written. These take longer to edit and perfect, so in the meantime to appease you all, I shall be posting more poetry. Just not today. Tomorrow. And the next day, a story or essay. It’ll alternate.

New Posts

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Guess who is finally uploading all that writing she’s stocked up?


So here’s the plan:

I’m going to have a timed released of each of the works. One post a day. That way it’ll be a while before I run out and I’ll have time to write some more.